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Aruba Tourism Authority

Official Website of the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA).
Technology adviser to the Aruba Tourism Authority and involved in internal strategic meetings. Technical architect of all application development. Responsible for all Internet server. Responsible for a team of system administrators and software developer. Work closely with the Aruba Project manager on technology and capacity planning, project estimates, technical reviews and assessment of hardware and software vendors. Define procedures, standards and best practices around development and delivery management. Provide technical support for their offices worldwide.
Created many public and internal applications, e.g. a corporate extranet including productivity tools for their employees, CRM system, Email Broadcast application, Event reservation, Activity reservation engine, Bridal/Gift Registry and more.
Provide technical support for ATA's marketing and travel agencies, technology partner and government agencies.

Environment: Java, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Linux, XML, SOAP, PDF, Flex 2, Opens Source Products

Moneybar Technologies

Systems Architect for sections of the Moneybar's Partner Connect System – a custom solution for CAA
Leading the IT-Integration Group consisting of the CIO's of all CAA-Clubs
Manage an international team of Solution Architects and supervise the implementation until successful launch
Communicate with Moneybar's and CAA's project manager in regards to timelines and deliverables
Evaluate technologies and methodologies for the CAA Training Team
Create System Documentation of the Partner Connect System for CAA
Perform Code Reviews
Develop System Architecture and prototypes for Moneybar's Smartphone App
Conceptual Design and Prototype development for a "cardless" Solution
Conceptual Design and Prototype development for a Moneybar Travel Solution
Technology Adviser to Moneybar's CEO and Senior Management

Environment: MySQL, IIS, C#, Webservices, Apache, Linux, Tomcat, Java

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Call Sheet Management System for all Vancouver Island Crisis Lines.
Custom built application to support all Vancouver Island Crisis Lines. It includes a Call sheet management system, an Information and Referral Database and a reporting engine. Reports are created on a call center level and for the specific regions.

Environment: Java, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Linux, iText

German Telekom

Project Management for an Enterprise service bus vendor evaluation and selection process.
Project Management to restructure the complete test infrastructure and methodology for all system and integration test effecting all Telecom/T-Mobiel software applications
PMO for multiple smaller projects with direct report to a senior manager


Carribean Travel Portal

German speaking Travel Portal covering all Carribean Countries.

Environment: Java, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Linux, LifeRay Portal, Java Portlets

Westcoast Travel Portal

German speaking Travel Portal covering the North American West cost - from California to Alaska.

Environment: Java, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Linux, LifeRay Portal, Java Portlets

Depalm Tours

Palm Tours Activity Center
Developed the activity reservation engine for their website to sell tours and activities. Web-based product administration.

Environment: Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Java Servlets, MySQL


Extend the admin-console functionality of the ARCOR Mail-server. This includes Front-End (Web) development in Perl and backend development using "Sieve-Scripts".
Programming, Documentation, Testing, Deployment in a high-profile production environment.



Development of a mass-mailing system for their monthly newsletter.
The following features are included: registration, opt-in, opt-out, user administration, address import, newsletter administration, bounce handling, statistical report
Creation of a client-database with web-administration
Application- and Mail-Server setup, Production, Monitoring


Facilities North West

Reservation Engine for Convention Centers
Development Team Lead for the project team consisting of the client project manager, a business analyst and 2 application developer. Duties included team mentorship, project estimate, reviewing functional design to ensure successful implementation, data modeling, user interface development, servers setup and installation. Provide system and application support for the production system. Estimate change requests and ensure successful implemenation.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, JDBC, XML, MySQL, Linux, E-Commerce

Kojda Profile Fortbildung

Custom built e-learning and online certification application for pharmacists. The online certification application is certified by the German Pharmacy Association.
Supporting Website for the pharmaceutical dictionary written by Prof. Dr. Georg Kojda
This website includes a user-forum and a mass emailing system.

Environment: MySQL, PHP, Java, iText

Bridges Transitions

Replaced the Head of Development during his leave of absence (LOA)
Responsible for a team of 6 software developer. Duties included team lead, estimating change requests, reviewing functional designs to ensure successful implementation and code reviews. Acted as a link between business analysts, product manager, marketing and management. Worked closely with the IT director to evaluate new technologies and products.

Environment: Java, EJB, JMS, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, JDBC, XML, XSD, J2EE, Web Services, ORACLE 10g, 9i, Unix


Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Center
Developed an e-commerce application for their website to sell Kajaks and equipment. Web-based product administration.

Environment: Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Java Servlets, MySQL


Application support for AMDOCS billing software
Analysis of new features and identification of their dependencies, e.g. database upgrades and conversions, hardware implications, downtime requirements for involved subsystems, etc. The result was a detailed project plan for the implementation which involved 200-300 high level tasks and up to 500 specialists from many departments. It also included a fallback plan, sanity checks and a Go/No-Go decision matrix. Communicating with AMDOCS project- and production manager as well as Vodafone management. Close contact to AMDOCS developer. Creation and visualization of the project plan and the project progress via Intranet. Installation and configuration of the AMDOCS software along with required system configuration. Monitoring the execution of the project plan and triggering specialists in case of errors.
Responsible to manage the implementation and version control process. This required formal procedures, e.g. signature validation of the production managers and the complete process of dependency checks as described for software releases just on a smaller scale. The number of change requests per day could range from approx. 10 - 100.
performing all these duties I developed a lot of production tools in order to automate and simplify these tasks and generate management reports.

Environment: Sun Hardware, Solaris System administration, AMDOCS Billing System, Version Control, Unix shell scripting, Perl, Oracle, EAI, Project Management

X-Ray Media

IT-Manager responsible for System administration and software development.
Installation, setup and maintenance of their complete in-house IT infrastructure (MS-Exchange server, MS-SQL Database server, Application server). Responsible for all hardware, software and network infrastructure. Development of their in-house client Database, System Design and Architecture for their General Media Supersite Portal. Implementation and support for the Media auction system.

Environemnt: NT4.0, MS-SQL, MS-Exchange, MS-Access, VB, ASP


Web- and Database server installation and maintenance. Developed a client and product database for their website.

Environment: Apache, Tomcat, Java, MySQL


Head of the technical department. Selection, Evaluation and Implementation of new wireless network technologies (LAN/WAN). Project Management. Conceptual Design, Project Management and Database Development of the Online Booking and Reservation engine "Reservex". Establishment of strategic alliances with suppliers, partner firms, universities. Held presentations to management, clients, strategic parterns and investors. Responsible for hiring, training, career planning of staff member.


Cyber Alumni

Software development for their Virtual Student Association Website.
The User interface was developed in Flash/Director connecting to a MySQL Database using Java servlets and JDBC. Project manager for a team of developer and Web-Designer. Worked closely with the client's project manager. Designed the application and database structure. Mentored junior developer, performed regular code reviews, troubleshooting, functional tests. Held milestone presentations to management and investors.

Website: Website:

Easy Trivia

Development of the underlying Game Engine for their Trivial Pursuit style website. This consists of the complete Database Development, the development of their game and application logic, and the System Architecture. The Game can be played alone or in a competitive multi-user mode.
Application and Database server setup and configuration. Performed functional and load tests. Assistant project manager.

Environment: Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Java, Servlets, MySQL

BC Tel / Telus

Sun/Oracle installation for Sympatico Billing System
Installed 2 Sun server for BC-Tel's Sympatico Billing System. The Database server setup included OS installation and tuning, Disk-Array setup with striping using Veritas Volume Manager, Oracle V8 installation, Database setup based on a spec-sheet. Application server setup included OS installation, Billing software installation and configuration. Performed functional and load tests. Created productivity tools and backup scripts. On call support during production and knowledge transfer to their newly hired DB administrator.


Labatt Brewery

Tested several Oracle V8 instances and backup tools for Y2K compliance.


Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

UNIX Y2K Testing
Performed ALL Unix Hardware and Software Y2K tests. This involved:
- all Hardware equipment including Firmware, OS and extensions
- all middleware, productivity-tools and monitoring software
- all databases and end user applications
Developed Test and documentation methodology that was adapted for all ICBC Y2K tests. Developed test cases and scripts. Performed tests.


BC Credit Union

Disaster Recovery implementation for MS-SQL Database Server
Installed a disaster recovery server running MS-SQL in the New Westminster facility. Configured Master Database server located at HQ in Vancouver to replicate to the backup site in real time. Used MS-SQL replication module.


Global Telecom

Performance tuning for their 44 processor Sun E10000
Researched and resolved performance issues reported by AMDOCS developer. This involved analysing AMDOCS billing software source code and build scripts. Created dependecy diagrams and test cases. Consulted with the AMDOCS development center in USA and their headquarter in Israel. Delivered a project report to GTE management.


Sun Microsystems

Consulting contracts for a numerous projects on behalf of Sun Microsystems Professional Services


GE Capital

Consulting contracts for a numerous projects on behalf of GE Capital Professional Services


Motorola Canada

System Administrator for their Vancouver GPRS and EDGE Development Lab.
Responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of all Sun Microsystems server equipment. Technical support for the GPRS/EDGE software development team.

Environment: Sun Microsoft hardware, SUN Solaris OS 8, SUN TCP/IP networking, NIS and LDAP, Volume Manager, Net Backup



Team member of Sun Microsystems Professional services handling in their Datacenter move.


Helsana Insurance

Security Audit of their IT Infrastructure in Zuerich/Switzerland
Performed a 5 day security audit involving the IT Infrastructure, Web-, Application- and Database server, 3rd party software prior to the launch of a new Web-based application.